A Heartwarming Sports Story

Take a look a this heartwarming story of a local church adopting a high school football team to encourage support of the players and attract crowds to games.  A very inspiring story about Iriving High School’s lucky break:


Katy Perry Performs For Lakewood HS (CO)

Here’s the follow up to Friday’s much anticipated performance by Katy Perry at Lakewood High School (CO).  Congratulations to the school on their very special win!


Prep Athelete Suspended For Designated Driving

A sad article about young prep volleyball athlete at North Andover High School (MA), Erin Cox, who was suspended and stripped of her team captain title for acting as a designated driver for a friend.  Just as Erin made her way to find her friend at an underage drinking party, the police raided the house and Erin was summoned for drinking simply by association.  While not an arrest, the summon caused Erin to get a suspension from 5 games, and also stripped her of her team captain status as part of the school’s strict policy on drinking.  Even with a written vouch of sobriety by an officer who tested Erin that evening, the school has not budged.  Take a look at the article for this controversial story.



Lakewood High School (CO) Wins Contest For Rendition Of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’

Lakewood High School (CO) is celebrating a very special contest win for their rendition of Katy Perry’s Roar.  Only a short while ago, Katy announced a nationwide contest for any high school’s rendition of her famous single,  and over 1000 high schools banned together to submit clips.  The contest entails a live performance by Katy Perry onsite at the winning school this upcoming Friday, October 25th, and Lakewood High School was recently surprised with a live announcement of their win!  Take a look at the school’s amazing rendition which incorporates different cliques and clubs around the school for a true team effort.  With over 1,000 schools showing their spirit, the contest has brought together students nationwide.  Congratulations to Lakewood High School for their amazing effort!



Stafford High School Ceremony Honors Sports Image

Glenn Harper of Sports Image (VA) was honored in a special ceremony at Stafford High School this past Friday.  Glenn has been recognized for his hard work in providing scoreboards for a number of Fredericksburg-area high schools, including a new football scoreboard for Stafford High School this past month.  Thanks to all the sponsors who worked closely with Glenn to help so many organizations in the area get the equipment they need.  Great work Glenn!



Kentucky’s High Schools Banned From Postgame Handshakes

Kentucky’s athletic sanctioning body has ordered high schools not to conduct postgame handshakes in all sports following more than two dozen physical confrontations the past three years.

Tuesday’s directive from Kentucky High School Athletic Association Commissioner Julian Tackett posted on its web site didn’t mention specific fights or conflicts but said several fall sports have had postgame incidents. The organization says it’s “disappointing” to take such action but that it became necessary because of occurrences statewide and nationally.


Another Successful Training Session

We just finished another successful training session for our newest franchisees, Mark Line and Alvin Hill!  Mark and Alvin are ready to take on the fundamentals they picked up last week at our office and dive into the Sports Image® model-helping local schools and organizations in need.  Good luck!

Group Training Photo 2

Left: Mark Line
Right: Alvin Hill


Sports Image and Colorado Department of Transportation Team Up!

Sports Image Denver has teamed up with the Colorado Department of Transportation to dream up a new campaign geared at keeping teens safe on the road.  The Department of Transportation, along with Amélie Company,  worked closely with Traci Tattersall of Sports Image to bring the unique campaign to life.  The campaign has been inserted into 8 schools so far and it has received rave reviews.  We are proud to be part of such a great cause-take a look at the article below for a look at the creative ads:


Driving Campaign Image

Manchester High School (VA) Unveils New Press Box

Manchester High School (VA) proudly unveiled the latest additions to their football press box last week.  The school has had a great relationship with Tom and Joe Carmichael, our Virginia-based franchise duo, who have worked closely with local sponsors to bring in revenue dollars for the school’s athletic program through the box signage.  The two also recently worked with the school to provide a scoreboard at ZERO cost as well.  We look forward to working with the Manchester High School in the future and wish them the best of luck!

Manchester High School Press Box Resized

Good Sam Flyin’ to the Hoop Press Conference Begins The Tournament Season!

The official press conference for the 2014 Good Samaritan Hospital Flyin’ to the Hoop went without a hitch yesterday, and the buzz of the event is in the air.  With 37 confirmed teams playing 22 games over the 4-day weekend, we are excited to offer the audience quite a show!  The talent for the 2014 tournament is stronger than ever with 13 different 5-star players on board.  For more details on the lineup and talent, check out:  http://flyintothehoop.com/.  Ticket sales have already begun so make sure to get yours before they are gone!

Eric Press Conference  2013

Sports Image® is the parent company of Good Samaritan Hospital Flyin’ to the Hoop.