Sports Image® & Midwest Ohio Baseball Forms Strategic Partnership

Dayton, OH – April 2014 – Midwest Ohio Baseball and Sports Image®, a leader in the high school and youth sports marketing industry, have announced a joint partnership whereas Sports Image® will represent Midwest Ohio Baseball properties and interests to drive revenue to support the 260+ Select Baseball Teams within its network. Midwest Ohio Baseball is one of the largest organizations in SW Ohio bringing the highest level of competition and learning to youth baseball from ages 7 through 18.

“Our partnership with Sports Image® is the culmination of our vision to professionalize the Midwest Ohio Baseball League with the goal of providing value and potentially, marketing dollars, to the 260 plus teams in the League,” stated Mr. Gregg Beemer, VP of Baseball Operations. “Eric Horstman and Sports Image® have proven over the years that they deliver value to their people and to the Dayton Community.  We believe that this is the beginning of a very productive relationship that will provide tangible value to our 260 teams, 860 coaches and more than 3200 players and their families.”

Since 2002, Sports Image® has helped schools and organizations obtain state-of-the-art equipment and much needed revenue for their athletic programs as budgets continue to dry up nationwide. The program has zero cost to the schools and organizations. By leveraging existing relationships across the nation through locally-owned Sports Image® franchise locations, they have given over $1,000,000 in cash and over $12,000,000 in equipment to schools and organizations throughout the United States and in Canada.

“Sports Image® has proven their value to the Dayton community annually with the success and continued growth of the Good Samaritan Flyin’ to the Hoop Basketball Invitational.  We are now excited to see how we can drive value to our teams in conjunction with the professionalism of Sports Image®,” stated Mr. Wade Westfall, President of Midwest Ohio Baseball.

“Midwest Ohio Baseball is synonymous with quality baseball in this area and Sports Image® is excited to partner with them to help in their growth,” stated Eric Horstman, President of Sports Image®. “Our goal is to leverage America’s favorite pastime and key brands that speak to grassroots America in order to achieve a win-win for all involved.”

What Sportsmanship Should Really Be Like

Take a look at this heartwarming clip which reminds us of what really matters and how sports can have such a positive influence in kids’ lives.  Students like Demetrius de Moors are the reason why we strive to help kids stay in the sports programs they love.

Good sportsmanship encompasses many aspects of a man’s character, the most fundamental being respect. The good sportsman respects both his teammates and his opponents as equals. He plays with integrity. A win that does not come fairly holds no satisfaction for him. He is honest in his dealings with opponents, because he treats them the way he wants to be treated. He is unselfish in his desire to see all his teammates participate and enjoy the game. He is humble in his victories, and has the proper perspective on his losses. In short, the qualities that go in to making a good man are the same ones that contribute to being a great sportsman, since sports are really popular now a days and that’s why people go to matches and watch sports on TV and even do betting on this with the best betting sites from these reviews online.

Unfortunately, as men’s character off the field has declined, so has their behavior on it. Men pout and even cry when they lose, they gloat when they win, and they take sports far too seriously. A man should understand that good sportsmanship truly enhances the experience of both playing and watching sports. Players feel encouraged by one another and take satisfaction in the fact that the game was played fairly. And fans can really enjoy themselves at the games.

As both a player and a fan, I’ve noticed that men could really use some brushing up on the rules of good sportsmanship. So here’s a primer.

AD Takes Bold Action With Resignation

Marc Sawyer’s strong words after an athlete-suspension controversy should trigger a change for the better.

Marc Sawyer did something few educators do nowadays. He spoke from the heat of his heart when he resigned as Westbrook schools’ athletic director last weekend. He couldn’t continue in the position he once considered his dream job because of the ‘incestuous culture of the community, individuals placing their own needs ahead of the overall group.’

His words and others like them were harsh and damning. They carried the pain of a native son who had returned to his hometown to succeed, not to fail. He wanted to teach and guide student-athletes in a community that had experienced a rebirth of pride in its sports teams.

Then came the party last fall where alcohol was available to under-age kids, including those same student-athletes. Suspensions by Sawyer followed. Some were rescinded, and suddenly all suspensions were lifted by Principal Jon Ross, who believed the process was flawed.,300&eid=61619403&bid=848668