Confronting Crazy Sports Parents

Aggressive parents can put a damper on sports events and deter kids from wanting to play.  Here’s some insight to this sensitive topic:

Lacrosse Participation Rates On Big Time Rise Across The Country

Lacrosse is continuing to grow its number of followers across the nation, and has even entered itself among the fastest growing in the high school sports category.

Northwest Local School District Locks Large Sponsor

Northwest Local School District is happily celebrating their 10 year agreement with UC Health for $700,000.  This revenue will make a huge impact on the district’s two athletic programs and even change the naming for Colerain High School’s (OH) stadium.

Conflict In Youth Sports

A 2013 graduate of Medina High School is taking to federal court because he feels he didn’t get enough playing time on the varsity basketball team and that his First Amendment and due process rights were violated when he was finally booted from the team for taking to Twitter to complain about it.

Dayton Children’s & Midwest Ohio Baseball Form Partnership

Dayton, OH – Sept 2014 – Midwest Ohio Baseball and Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine have announced a joint partnership whereas Dayton Children’s will provide educational seminars, baseline concussion testing and other support to Midwest Ohio Baseball properties and their 260+ Select Baseball Teams within its network. Midwest Ohio Baseball is one of the largest organizations in SW Ohio bringing the highest level of competition and learning to youth baseball from ages 7 through 18.  Sports Image®, a sports marketing firm, brokered the deal between the two organizations which will start as a one year deal between the two organizations.

“Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics is proud to partner with the 260 youth teams in the Midwest Baseball League,” stated Ms. Ashley Stanko, Marketing & Business Development Manager for Sports Medicine.  “We believe that supporting youth sports and keeping kids active helps build a strong, healthy community.”

“Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine’s team of certified sports medicine trainers and physicians are uniquely trained to understand how an injury may effect growth and how growth may affect rehab of the injury.  This partnership with Dayton Children’s to provide concussion baseline tests to all of our players, is only the beginning of the positive impact for our coaches, players and parents,” said Mr. Wade Westfall, President of the Midwest League.

With several tournaments throughout the year and the hundreds of games being played within the league, Midwest Baseball hopes that this new partnership will help to educate players, coaches and parents regarding the danger signs – as well as how to react – of dehydration, concussions and other injuries that, unfortunately, are commonplace in youth athletics today.

Ms. Stanko echoes that sentiment in stating, “As much as we want every kid to stay healthy, we are here to help injured athletes get back in the game.  Our pediatric trained sports medicine specialists treat more youth and adolescent orthopedic injuries than anyone in the area and know that the growing body needs special care and attention. Any information we can arm parents and coaches with is the first step in getting great care.”

“The Midwest Ohio Baseball League is determined to be on the forefront in educating and preparing our coaches, parents, and players on the significant issues surrounding concussions.  Our partnership with Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine is a perfect fit.  This partnership will result in each and every player in the Midwest Ohio Baseball League getting a FREE age and gender based concussion base-line test, compliments of Dayton Children’s Sports Medicine.  If there is a better way to show their commitment to the health and well-being of young athletes, I do not know what it would be…” stated Mr. Gregg Beemer, VP of Baseball Operations.

Football Enrollment On The Decline

As a decline in football participation has become apparent in high schools nationwide, researchers have been curious to get to the bottom of the trend.  While different reasons are being thrown out for the cause of this steady decline, football enthusiasts around the nation are hoping for a change.

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