A Man of Integrity’s Story

If you found out your boss overpaid you, would you keep the money knowing you didn’t earn it or would you do the honest thing and let him know the error? MLB pitcher Jeremy Affeldt was challenged with this dilemma. Due to a typing error in his contract, the Giants paid him an extra $500,000 dollars. When Affeldt discovered the error, he decided to give the money back even though he legally could have kept it. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Affeldt stated, “I talked to Bobby (Vice President and Assistant General Manager of the Giants) the next day and said, ‘I can’t take that money. I won’t sleep well at night knowing I took that money because every time I open my paycheck, I’ll know it’s not right.’”

What a great demonstration of integrity. In life, your integrity will be constantly challenged—whether it’s by receiving too much change at check out or not being charged for an item on the bottom of your grocery cart. What would you do?
Read more of Jeremy’s story here:


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