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Online Fundraising is quickly becoming the answer to athletic budget concerns nationwide, and here at Sports Image®, we work to create unique programs for a variety of organizations. Our online programs are fast, efficient, and cut the need for volunteers and coordination. Rather than having people on the ground level and spending booster resources to create fundraising events, we have created opportunities that automate your fundraising needs, and provide you with extra revenue on a recurring basis. There are a variety of different online fundraising programs that we have created for schools and organizations across the states, and we can customize a program to suit your needs at no cost to you. Signing up is all your organization needs to do and we will work on the rest.

Athletics Funding Sources

Fund Forward Give Back

Fund Forward Give Back is a unique new program geared to earn your organization revenue for everyday purchases.

The premise is simple – sign up using the easy flyer, and we will provide a customized online store for your organization. As people, or even your own organization, begin to purchase everyday office/home/cleaning supplies and clothing, YOU earn money back. The program really is as simple as it sounds and an easy way to pump revenue back into your athletic department. Once your free site is up, all you need to do is get the word out and watch your fundraising opportunity grow!

Benefits for Organizations

  • The program is FREE
  • Fully Automated – the program runs on its own and handles itself
  • No need for training, tools or expertise – all you need is to sign up
  • No need to sell sponsorships or organize – money is automatically collected on each sale and sent to your organization
  • No need for volunteers – you don’t have to coordinate schedules or have people “on the field”
  • Cash back on all purchases – even purchases made by your own organization

For an overview of the program and link to a demo site, take a look at the links below:

Interested in generating revenue for your school or organization?

Free Online Fundraising ProgramThe Big Score program at Sports Image® lets you reach this goal. Our unique online fundraising platform truly creates a win-win situation between sponsor and organization, not to mention benefiting those customers interested in supporting a good cause while scoring a big deal.

The program is simple to join and requires no operation on your end. If interested, we will set up your school or organization to receive your very own Big Score webpage. This page will contain sponsors we contract to offer up a variety of deals.

As customers buy these deals, they are directly supporting your cause. The more deals sold, the more revenue you see come your way! Take a run through our demo to see just how wonderful the program is. Whether sponsor or school or organization, the Big Score program is a great opportunity.

Benefits For Organizations

  • The Big Score is not your traditional fundraiser; it earns your supporters great deals while simultaneously generating revenue for your organization
  • The Big Score has higher payouts vs the lower margins and L-O-N-G hours of traditional fundraisers
  • Ease-of-use with online ordering (see demo site) —- no administrative hours needed by you or your staff – sit back and let us send you your checks
  • No shipping or delivery days – The Big Score provides instant gratification through online printing of Gift Certificates
  • Your organization can focus on promoting the site and its great deals to your fans, followers, teams, etc. through emails and social marketing – no need to worry about operations
  • And most importantly, since it’s an online program… NO SAFETY CONCERNS with student athletes selling door-to-door in neighborhoods, collecting monies, delivering goods, etc

Benefits For Sponsors

  • Drives sales to your front door – generate foot traffic for your business
  • You receive a percentage of the sales of the Gift Certificates through the program
  • No upfront cost to the business owner; just honor the Gift Certificate when presented
  • We offer flexibility in the number of Gift Certificates and their value $25-$50+ to encourage repeat clientele
  • Your business is promoted through the organization’s website, newsletters & social media
  • You receive your buyer email addresses for your internal marketing use
  • Overall, it’s a great way for you to support the local organization and be part of a good cause

We have a variety of other online and digital sponsorship opportunities that help bring your organization money. For more information, send us a message under the Contact section of the site.

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Success Stories & Testimonials

  • "I was weighing several options for small business ownership and am so glad to have found the Sports Image® franchise business. I liked the fact that they provided the tools and the support but that I had the autonomy to build the business in my own way - It's not a cookie cutter approach!"
    – Traci Tattersall (CO)
  • "Sports image has given me the opportunity to live the American dream of having my own business. I'm able to help so many schools and organizations who are faced with budget cuts and in need of new equipment and revenue. Sports image has an excellent business plan and all I have to do is go out and implement it every day. It's truly a win win. It's been very rewarding and I enjoy providing a service which is so needed today."
    - Tom Carmichael (VA)
  • "We've both dreamed of owning our own business and working together. By purchasing a Sports Image® business we are now fulfilling that dream of combining our love of helping students with our love of sports and business ownership."
    – Mac & Julia Yocum (KY)
  • "Since my retirement from Major League Baseball, I have continued to be involved in baseball and other youth sports. I wanted to find a way that I could help more kids through my experience in pro ball while creating a business opportunity. Sports Image® is that way."
    - Mr. Chuck McElroy, ex-MLB Pitcher (TX)
  • "Sports Image® is as advertised. They did what they said they would do and Ryle HS has benefitted from our continued partnership as a result."
    - Jim Demler, Athletic Director (Ryle HS)
  • "Katie's (Sports Image® Franchisee) energy and entrepreneurial spirit were the key factors in making this the most successful sponsorship/fundraising year in the history of our league! Sports Image® is genuinely interested in assisting non-profit youth sports while also delivering great value and exposure for their sponsors."
    – Dave Pierpont, President (Fairfield American Little League)
  • "Sports Image® helped Buckingham County High School fulfill a much-needed want in a new scoreboard. We, like other small school systems, couldn't afford to purchase one. Sports Image® did an outstanding job in securing sponsors and met a deadline that was almost impossible. I plan to use them again for other things that we plan to do."
    – Ed Dike, Activities Director (Buckingham HS)
  • "I want to thank you again for all of your efforts in putting together a FIRST CLASS EVENT! You and your staff once again out-did yourselves. On behalf of everyone at Franklin, words cannot describe how appreciative we are to be a part of the Sports Image® / Good Sam Flyin' to the Hoop! Thanks again for the opportunity and congratulations on an outstanding weekend!"
    – Rodney Roberts, Athletic Director (Franklin HS)
  • "Sports Image® has allowed us the opportunity to have a strong presence in several local schools while making the process incredibly easy & turnkey."
    - Rachel Robinson, Marketing Director (Parker Adventist Hospital)
  • "You probably expected this, but I didn't. Our ticket-back coupon through Sports Image® has been redeemed at all Dayton (OH) stores, Cincinnati, Lexington, Fort Wayne, Columbus, etc. I figured it would be limited to Cincy/Dayton but we are seeing them come back in other markets as well. Thanks again!"
    – Tom Osborn, Sr. Marketing Manager (Dick's Sporting Goods)
  • "It is great to have our name in front of the high school sports event's attendees every time they come to an event at the schools we have sponsored."
    – Hunter Durvin, MEd (CJW Sports Medicine)
  • "As always, Sports Image® hosted another AWESOME Flyin' to the Hoop Event. We appreciate and enjoy being a sponsor and a part of the weekend and hope that we did a great job for all your VIP guests!"
    – April Baker, Regional Manager (Fricker's USA)