Exactly What Your Grindr ‘About Me’ Really Claims About Yourself

Exactly What Your Grindr ‘About Me’ Really Claims About Yourself

Weve already mentioned what your Grindr visibility picture claims about you (with homosexual men, a photo isnt only worth a 1,000 wordsits well worth most of the terms), however some folks do browse the “about me” areas on Grindr also various gay hookup applications. Alas, lots of men were cryptic and/or straight-up lying-in this section, therefore right heres exactly what your Grindr “about me personally” point actually states about you.

1. No taps!

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Or some version thereof. Maybe he produces, Taps are frustrating, or People which tap myself shall be obstructed. This guy try 100% stuffed with himself. Female, youre not that hot. Additionally, lots of individuals, like myself personally, merely dont go through the taps. Exactly why are your getting all upset because anyone conveyed curiosity about your? Relax.

2. No fats, fems.

You are the worst. You may be rubbish. You may have weird internalized homophobia, femmephobia, and body image problems that youre taking out on the remainder of the homosexual people. Please, for the benefit together with your own website, just stop.

3. Hung merely!

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Yeah, you might be size-queen. Thats. um. that is fairly clear. Good for you, i assume? Do you know what you desire and youre setting it up? Continue reading