Cultural Do’s and Don’ts inside the Dominican Republic

Cultural Do’s and Don’ts inside the Dominican Republic

Residents during the Dominican Republic are recognized for her comfortable, friendly faculties. However, similar to somewhere else, understanding the social 2 and don’ts may go a long way towards comprehension and recognition.

Greetings and Communication

Use the formal pronoun (usted) when addreing seniors and anyone who isn’t a close friend. Utter a dynamic greeting when entering any general public room or someone’s residence, shake-hands upon encounter people, and come up with visual communication when talking.

While these actions is elective inside the U.S., it is thought about impolite to omit all of them within the Dominican Republic. Since Dominicans is friendly and outbound, don’t operate shocked whenever women and men welcome one another by kiing the right cheek.

Discussion Subject Areas

When you see neighbors, don’t get offended if they ask you concerning your family members because it’s an important subject for the Dominican Republic. They’re likely to ask about where the final label arises from, and in turn, they value the fascination with theirs.

Like in almost any different place, don’t discu faith and government.


Within the U.S. it’s appropriate to turn straight down an invite for a drink, dinner or perhaps to are available inside a property, don’t do that here. That’s because natives can view this as an insult to generosity. Since Dominicans are incredibly cordial, expect you’ll socialize.

Don’t need informal reasons when residents expand their hospitality. Continue reading