Lesbians stand-by trans feamales in open letter after ‘dangerous’ BBC post

Lesbians stand-by trans feamales in open letter after ‘dangerous’ BBC post

Lesbians defended transgender girls on social media Wednesday following BBC posted an article that numerous critics said produced “dangerous” promises that painted all transgender females as intimate predators.

The article, printed Tuesday, is actually entitled “we are getting pushed into sex by some trans women.” They quotes about half a dozen lesbians —including three exactly who went by pseudonyms and three figureheads from teams that force anti-trans messages, for instance the LGB Alliance and Get The L Out — who state cisgender lesbians are now being pushed currently trans people out of fear that they’ll getting criticized to be transphobic. One lady mentioned a trans lady pushed their into penetrative gender.

The article provides experienced common critique online and happens to be denounced by tens and thousands of cisgender people, quite a few self-identified lesbians, making use of the hashtag #CisWithTheT, that has been developed by Max Morgan, an LGBTQ rights activist and podcaster (cisgender identifies an individual who identifies with all the sex they certainly were allocated at beginning).

“i will be a cis lesbian and I am therefore tired of witnessing individuals who usually cannot provide a damn about lesbian liberties (and who happen to be straight-out homophobes) tweeting #IStandWithLesbians simply because they like to claim that all trans folks are predators,” one person typed on Twitter. “their bigotry isn’t progressive. #CisWithTheT”

The BBC have stood by the post, saying it went through a “rigorous article techniques.”

“The post talks about an intricate subject matter from different perspectives and acknowledges it is sometimes complicated to evaluate the extent regarding the problem,” a BBC spokesperson stated in an announcement emailed to NBC News. Continue reading