Katy Perry Performs For Lakewood HS (CO)

Here’s the follow up to Friday’s much anticipated performance by Katy Perry at Lakewood High School (CO).  Congratulations to the school on their very special win!


Lakewood High School (CO) Wins Contest For Rendition Of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’

Lakewood High School (CO) is celebrating a very special contest win for their rendition of Katy Perry’s Roar.  Only a short while ago, Katy announced a nationwide contest for any high school’s rendition of her famous single,  and over 1000 high schools banned together to submit clips.  The contest entails a live performance by Katy Perry onsite at the winning school this upcoming Friday, October 25th, and Lakewood High School was recently surprised with a live announcement of their win!  Take a look at the school’s amazing rendition which incorporates different cliques and clubs around the school for a true team effort.  With over 1,000 schools showing their spirit, the contest has brought together students nationwide.  Congratulations to Lakewood High School for their amazing effort!



Sports Image And Super Bowl Glory

Sports Image® is in the running for a national business contest through Intuit Software and we are excited to spread the principles of our business nationwide!  The winner will get to advertise in a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl in February, and our goal is to make sure schools and organizations across the states know that we  are ready to help.

Please click the link below and give us a vote —- you are allowed one vote EACH DAY