The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports

“My 4th grader tried to play basketball and soccer last year,” a mom recently told me as we sat around the dinner table after one of my speaking engagements. “It was a nightmare. My son kept getting yelled at by both coaches as we left one game early to race to a game in the other sport. He hated it.”

“I know,” said another. “My 10 year old daughter’s soccer coach told her she had to pick one sport, and start doing additional private training on the side, or he would give away her spot on the team.”

North Carolina Tightens Sports Rules for High School Transfers

CHAPEL HILL – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association tightened the rules Wednesday on athletic participation for students transferring from schools without a bona fide change in residence.

The board approved a motion that students who transfer without such a move from one local education agency to another must sit out of athletic participation for 365 days. The motion also applies to students transferring between member schools within the same school district.


Buckingham County High School (VA) Earns Scoreboard

Buckingham County High School (VA) is happy to celebrate their brand new scoreboard, courtesy of Sports Image®!  Thanks to franchisees Tom and Joe Carmichael of Virginia for their hard work in presenting the equipment to the school at ZERO cost to them.  The board looks wonderful and the school is excited to put it to work.


Plan Approved To Sell Advertising on City Buildings And Vehicles

A great opportunity for bringing in revenue, a Philadelphia city approves a plan to sell advertising on public buildings and vehicles.  The city council expects the plan to bring in millions in revenue in advertising opportunities.  This is a great example of what we do at Sports Image® and an opportunity to raise funding at the local sector. Utilizing various aspects of the latest real estate software ( the city had descended

High School League Approves More Off Season Practices

A high school in South Carolina has just approved a proposal to open up most of the year for off season practices.  The school hopes to increase athlete specialization without burning out the players altogether.


Indiana Allows Homeschoolers To Play High School Sports

Interesting change for Indiana sports.  Take a look at the article below:

Eaton Rapids High School (MI) Scores Revenue

Congratulations to Eaton Rapids High School, MI, our latest recipient of a check for $1,250.  We love to help schools raise the revenue they need to fuel their athletic programs and keep kids involved.  We wish them the best!

Florida Bill Passes For High School Sports

This article is pretty significant for FL schools.  We wonder if it will have any trickle effect into other states as well.


Marketers Are Joining the Varsity

Athletes, if they are talented, train hard and get a break or two, can climb the sports ladder from high school to college to the pros. Madison Avenue, sensing a lucrative opportunity, is heading the other way.

Decades after marketers began selling products by capitalizing on consumer interest in professional teams, then college teams, they are becoming big boosters of high school sports.