Newark High School (OH) Receiving Revenue

Newark High School (OH) has a check for $1,200 on the way and we are thrilled!  This is another example of the success of our revenue-sharing program at Sports Image®.  We love helping schools get the revenue they need!

Newark Receives $1,200 Check

Newark High School, OH, is the recipient of a $1,200 check from Sports Image® as part of its revenue sharing program.  Thanks to the local sponsors for working with Sports Image® to raise funds for a new scrolling table and cash for its Athletic Department. Congratulations to the school!

Newark High School Receives Revenue Check

Newark High School, OH,  received $1200 from Sports Image for the 1st quarter of 2012 as a result of sponsorship revenue from Newark’s basketball scoring table.  Congratulations to the school and best of luck from Sports Image!