New Franchisee Training Almost Complete

We are wrapping up our latest training session with our newest franchisee,  John Hornby (PA), and it has been another successful course!  We are very excited for John to get out there and take the Philadephia area by storm – working with his local communities for a change.  You’ll do great John, and welcome to our team!

Hornby and Renee.

Another Successful Training Session

We just finished another successful training session for our newest franchisees, Mark Line and Alvin Hill!  Mark and Alvin are ready to take on the fundamentals they picked up last week at our office and dive into the Sports Image® model-helping local schools and organizations in need.  Good luck!

Group Training Photo 2

Left: Mark Line
Right: Alvin Hill


High School Football And Navy SEAL Training

What happens when a high school football team tries their hand at a Navy SEAL workout customized for football players?  Surprisingly, they manage to keep it it together.  Take a look at the effort of Mesa Mountain View High (AZ) and their 12 hours of intense training in this clip:


Latest Franchise Training Completed!

We have just completed our latest round of new franchise training here at the Sports Image® corporate office with our newest franchisees:  Blake Martin (AL), Mark Williams (WI) and Darren Kempf (FL).  These guys are ready to get out in the field and do what we do best at Sports Image® – helping schools and organizations in their communities.  Game on!

Training July 2013

New Franchisee Training Complete

Congratulations to our newest franchisees for completing their training! Christina Williams (WI), Chuck McElroy (TX) and Wally Spence (TX) are ready to head out to the field and start helping schools and organizations get the revenue and equipment they need.  Good luck-we know you’ll help support your local communities using the principles of Sports Image®.

Training in Progress….

Sports Image® has a full house of our newest franchisees and they are ready to learn the ropes of the company.  Scott Kennedy (NC), Tom & Joe Carmichael (VA) and Whalen Ng (OH) are all posing in their Sports Image® gear and ready to learn.  Welcome to our office!

Sorry for the blurry photo!   Eric is many things,  but clearly not a professional photographer.

The gang ready to start training day #2