Troy Strawberry Festival and Soccer Invitational Earn Money With Big Score

We are excited to send revenue checks to the Troy Strawberry Festival and Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational, thanks to the Big Score program.  Through our partnership with local sponsors in Troy, we are able to help not only the Strawberry Festival and Soccer Invitational, but the sponsors on board as consumers score great deals to entice them into the sponsors’ businesses.  The deals are still available, so don’t forget to check out the sites and claim a certificate.  You’ll score a great deal and help the organizations raise the funding they need, while also supporting your local favorite businesses.  It’s a win-win-win!

Troy High School Mailed Check From Sports Image

Troy High School, OH was just mailed a check for close to $500 from Sports Image® as part of its shared revenue program.  The school had previously received a new scrolling board thanks to local sponsors working together with Sports Image® in support of the school.  We wish Troy High School the best!