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Clio High School Receives Revenue From Sports Image

Sports Image® just issued a check for $2,138 to Clio High School, MI, as part of its revenue sharing program.  The school also received a new scrolling table on behalf of Sports Image® and local sponsors who worked together to bring the equipment to the school at no cost to them.  Congratulations Clio High School!

Economic Impact of Basketball Invitational on Dayton Area

DAYTON (WDTN) – The 10th annual “Flyin’ to the Hoop” tournament at Trent Arena tipped off Friday night at 6:30 p.m.

Over the last decade, it has grown into one of the best showcases of high school basketball in the country and a huge economic boost for the Dayton region. Basketball is a team sport. Two teams of five players each try to score by learning how to improve your jump shot on a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end. The court is divided into two main sections by the mid-court line. If the offensive team puts the ball into play behind the mid-court line, it has ten seconds to get the ball over the mid-court line. If it doesn’t, then the defense gets the ball. Once the offensive team gets the ball over the mid-court line, it can no longer have possession of the ball in the area in back of the line. If it does, the defense is awarded the ball.
The ball is moved down the court toward the basket by passing or dribbling. The team with the ball is called the offense. The team without the ball is called the defense. They try to steal the ball, contest shots, steal and deflect passes, and garner rebounds.


ESPN Recap – Good Sam Flyin’ to the Hoop – John Stovall

The Flyin’ to the Hoop tournament is the #1 showcase event in the Midwest. The Invitational covers 4 days and features 36 teams from 7 different states playing 21 games. Founder Eric Horstman has done a great job building the event to now, on it’s 10th anniversary, it is one of the elite events in the country and the best in the Midwest. The games are played at Kettering Fairmont High School in the James Trent Arena, which is one of the best on campus high school arenas in the United States. There was plenty of high flying action as many of the nation’s standouts had their talents on display.

Flyin’ to the Hoop Recap


Andrew Wiggins 6’6 200 -2014- SF – Huntington, W.V. (Prep) – Wiggins is one of the best talents in the country regardless of class. His quickness and athletic ability are rare. His jump shot has been improving as well as the consistency of his effort. The native of Toronto is beginning to make himself special!

Justin Jackson 6’7 190 -2014- SF – Houston, TX. (HCYA) – Smooth is the best way to describe Mr. Jackson’s game. He quietly goes about his business of making the scoreboard move. His collection of mid range jumpshots, off the dribble floaters and 3 pointers allows him to put in 20 to 30 points every game. Justin is an elite scorer and a player that is highly sought after by multiple high major colleges.

Winston Sheppard 6’8 210 -2012- PF – Henderson, NV. (Findlay Prep) – Winton is one of the more highly recruited unsigned “bigs” in the country. He is long and skilled and could possibly be viewed as a small forward in the future but right now he is best as a skilled power forward. Sheppard has improved his production over his career and is now not just potential. He is a player.

Danrad Knowles 6’9 200 -2012- PF/WF – Houston, TX. (HCYA) – signed with Houston – “Chicken” is one of the more intriguing talent in the entire 2012 class. He is very skilled and could easily play the 3 spot offensively. He should be a terror at UH from day 1 and will have a chance to make money at this game as he continues to improve and get stronger.

Gary Harris 6’4 210 -2012- SG – Indianapolis, IN. (Hamilton Southeastern) – signed with Michigan State – Gary is the definition of a “Beast” at the guard position. Harris could have been a big time football recruit with his size and athletic ability but chose basketball to be his sport of the future. And what a future it could be, Harris has improved as a shooter over his career that and his trademark athletic ability make him one of the better wings in the country and a probable McDonalds All American.

Zak Irvin 6’5 190 -2013- SF – Indianapolis, IN. (Hamilton Southeastern) – committed to Michigan – Zak is a big time player in his own right. He, along with Harris, give HSE one of the better 1- 2 punches in High School. Irvin is the master of the mid range jump shot. He can face and hit jumpshots consistently to 17 feet and has added the occasional 3 pointer to his repertoire. He seems perfect for the Beilein system at Michigan.

Devon Scott 6’8 220 -2012- PF – Columbus, OH. (Northland) – signed with Dayton – Scott is an ever improving post player that takes no prisoners inside. His physical style of play is tough on the average high schooler. Devon is an excellent rebounder and shows great effort on his finishes in the paint. His improvement over the years has been great and should continue at UD in the next year.

Lorenzo Cugini 6’5 205 -2012- SF – Akron, OH. (SVSM) – signed with High Point – Lorenzo is back from a leg injury and lit up Cincinnati Taft for 29 in a loss for SVSM. Cugini is a good shooter with range to 22 feet. When he is in rhythm he is a true weapon. With Cugini back making plays for St. V they have a much better chance of repeating their state championship.

Adolphus Washington 6’4 240 -2012- PF – Cincinnati, OH. (Taft) – committed to Ohio State (Football) – I know, I know….the kid is a football player! BUT….the kid is so impactful as a basketball player. He does not pass the look test because he looks like a linebacker (he should because he is!), but he has played against some of the best players in the country and been consistently productive. Washington has great hands and great feet. He is the master of positioning. Adolphus is one of the best finishers in the paint despite being a 6’4 post player. Too bad there are not 2 of him because I would love to see what he could do on a college basketball court.

Isiah Austin 7’0 215 -2012- PF/C – Arlington, TX. (Grace Prep) – signed with Baylor – Isiah is one of the best pure talents in 2012. He is a bit of an enigma because you always want more but he is pretty consistent in his production at this point in his high school career. No one has more upside than Austin in the 2012 class. He projects as a 7 foot skilled 4 man at the NBA level and should be impactful immediately at Baylor next season.

Jordan Potts 5’10 175 -2012- PG – Columbus, OH. (Northland) – signed with UNC-Greensboro – Jordan is a tough point guard that can score and run a team. He has really improved and is now playing with tremendous confidence. Northland is known for its baseline studs (Jalen Robinson and Devon Scott) but Potts is the engine that makes the Northland team run.

Dominick Artis 5’11 175 -2012- PG – Henderson, NV. (Findlay Prep) – Signed with Oregon – D.A. is similar to Jordan Potts in that he is a solid PG that understands when to score and when to pass. He orchestrates the Findlay Prep offense with precision. Artis has always been a nice talent but he has improved his overall game and grown in stature to be the real player he is now.

John Staley 6’5 190 -2012- PF – Dayton, OH. (Chaminade-Julienne) – signed with Northern Kentucky – John is an undersized post player that uses effort and guile to simply get it done. He was the leading scorer of the tournament with 34 points in a game where he could have easily had 40 plus. He is great at gaining position on the low block and finishing in the paint. Staley is a player and should be solid for Division 1 bound NKU.

Players to watch

Jalen Coleman 6’2 170 -2015- SG/PG – Indianapolis, IN. (Cathedral) – Coleman is one of the better freshman in not only Indiana but the country. He was the best player for Cathedral in their game versus Centerville (OH). Coleman had 15 points on mostly mid range jumpers but he showed flashes of  other aspects of his game that could make him an elite level player in the 2015 class.

Luke Kennard 6’4 175 -2015- SG – Franklin, OH. (H.S.) – Luke is arguably the best freshman in Ohio. The lefty plays point guard on his high school team but is more of a natural wing. He is a solid passer but is best when wired to score. He is a good shooter to 20 feet and is a nice slasher in the lane especially when going left. Kennard is good now and has a very nice future ahead of him.

D’Mitrik Trice 5’9 150 -2015- PG – Huber Heights, OH. (Wayne) – Trice is the brother of current Michigan State freshman Travis Trice. He is cut from the same cloth. D’Mitrik is a very good shooter with range to 20 feet. He is also a solid point guard who will show marked improvement as he matures and gets stronger. Mid to high major colleges might as well add Huber Heights to their travel schedules for future years.

Justin Bibbs 6’4 195 -2014- SG/SF- Dayton, OH. (Chaminade-Julienne) – Justin is a lefty wing that is really coming into his own. A role player as a freshman, Bibbs is turning into a real scoring weapon on the perimeter. He has a solid jumper to 17 feet and is an effective slasher when going to his left. He is one to watch in Ohio’s 2014 class.

Emmanuel Mudiay 6’4 190 -2014- PG – Arlington, TX. (Grace Prep) – Mudiay is one of the best point guards in the 2014 class. He has great size and skill. Mudiay needs to improve his decision making and the consistency of his jumper shot but his athleticism, skill and size are unmistakable and elite.

Mark Alstork 6’4 195 -2013- WF/WG – Dayton, OH. (Thurgood Marshall) – Mark is a tough wing that is truly wired to score. He is a solid and strong athlete that finishes well at the rim. He has a streaky jumpshot with range to 20 feet. Alstork is an up and comer and one of the more underrated players in Ohio.


Jaaron Simmons 5’11 165 -2013- PG – Kettering, OH. (Alter) – Jaaron is a scoring point guard that has really improved his jumpshot and decision making since the end of the summer. Simmons is a good athlete and a very good slasher. He is effective scoring in the paint and creating for others in the half court.

Mikayle McIntosh 6’6 215 -2013 – SF/PF – Creedmoor, N.C. (Faith Christian) – McIntosh is a combo forward that will be a tough match up, not only in high school, but in college. He has a strong frame and can power his opponent in the paint. He is also athletic and skilled enough to attack from the wing. The more consistent his jumper gets the higher the level of his recruitment.

Mike Davis 5’11 185 -2012- SG – Garfield Heights, OH. (H.S.)– signed with Northern Illinois – This kid is a powerful and athletic scoring machine. When he is dialed in he is very tough to stop at the high school level. Davis is a streaky shooter with range to 20 feet. He is an effective slasher that can finish well above the rim. He is a real weapon on the
offensive end.

Maverick Morgan 6’10 235 -2013 – C – Springboro, OH. (H.S.) – The big fella is getting better. Morgan is solid finisher in the paint. He scores mostly over his right shoulder inside 12 feet. He is developing a solid face up game and has a very nice touch. He still needs to be a little more aggressive inside. When he starts dunking the ball in the paint…look out….monster alert!

Evan Bradds 6’6 190 -2013- SF – Jamestown, OH. (Greenview) – committed to Ohio University – Evan is a solid forward that can do a lot of things well on the court. He is a good athlete that rebounds, scores and handles the ball solidly. Bradds needs to become more consistent on his jump shot but his total game is improving steadily. The kid is a player.


Franklin high school just outside of Dayton Ohio is the home to one of the nations better freshmen in Luke Kennard. He is not the only feature player on the squad though. 6’7 twin forwards, Jake and Justin Rossi are definitely players in the their own right. Jake is a lefty post that can step out and Justin is a righty high post player. They are both signed to play at Northern Kentucky.

The Flyin’ to the Hoop All Tournament Team was: Gary Harris 6’4 Sr. SG – Indianapolis Hamilton Southeastern, John Staley 6’5 Sr. PF Dayton Chaminade Julienne, Devon Scott 6’8 Sr. PF Columbus Northland, Andrew Wiggins 6’6 So. SF Huntington Prep, Justin Jackson 6’7 So. SF HCYA, Adolphus Washington 6’4 PF Cincinnati Taft

Cincinnati Taft is one of the better high school teams in the state of Ohio and Adolphus Washington is with out question the best player on the team. But the key to the team and the energetic catalyst is 5’7 Sr. PG Orlando  Berry. Berry is a defensive dynamo that is non stop action. He score more point in the paint than anyone on the team not named Washington. Berry is tough and is going to make some college and great energy change of pace player.

Good Samaritan Hospital Flyin’ to the Hoop Preview

The Good Samaritan Hospital Flyin’ to the Hoop tournament is ready to kick off tomorrow.  The article below is a good preview of the event to come.  See you at the arena!


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