A Look At Our Virginia Franchise

Congratulations to Glenn Harper, VA, for his appearance in Work It, Richmond.  The article does a great job of showcasing Glenn’s passion for empowering youth sports in Virginia as part of the Sports Image® team.  Take a look at the article by clicking the link below:



The True Good In High School Sports

The following article is a great story about the art of good sportsmanship, the backbone of youth sports.  This touching display of strength and selflessness is the reason we at Sports Image® fight to keep athletic programs alive.  Take a look at this heartfelt story:



St. Jude Teams Up With Sports Image

Sports Image® is thrilled to unveil a brand new scoreboard for St. Jude Parish in Ohio.  Thanks to the support of the local sponsors, Sports Image® was successfully able to purchase the board for the Parish for their upcoming football events.  We are happy to have been part of a great project and we love how nicely the football scoreboard turned out!

John Carroll High School

John Carroll High School, MD, is the proud recipient of a brand new baseball scoreboard thanks to Sports Image®.  With the help of local sponsors, Sue Taylor, MD, was able to purchase the scoreboard at no cost to the school.   Take a look at the completed project below; it looks great!  We wish John Carroll High School a great baseball season.


Northwest High School Gets Revenue From Sports Image

Northwest High School, OH, has just been issued a check for $650 as part of our revenue sharing program.  This check was sent in addition to an $1,800 payment last December.  We wish the school the best in their upcoming seasons and hope they are enjoying their football scoreboard!

Pay-to-Play Fees Increase by More Than 100% at Some Ohio Schools

Take a look at the article below detailing the increase in fees for sports participation.  This is exactly what Sports Image® strives to combat.

Many area families will have to pay two or three times the amount they paid last year for their kids to participate in school sports and other activities as part of districts’ efforts to cut costs.For the affected districts, the average increase is more than 100 percent.At Beavercreek, Huber Heights, Valley View and Vandalia-Butler school districts – each of which recently announced multimillion-dollar cuts to stem widespread budget deficits – costs will be higher for the 2012-13 than they were this past school year.