Bexley High School (OH) Receives Check

A check for $2,275 is on the way for Bexley High School (OH)!  We are proud to present the payment to the athletic department as part of our revenue-sharing program with the school.  Best of luck to Bexley High School!

Sports Funding and Pitfalls

Unfortunately today, some schools will suffer a dire need for athletic funding as a result of a few untrustworthy people and behaviors.  The article below details a recent story of a school being scammed out of its earned funding by the treasurer in charge of keeping it safe.  As shameful behavior exists, we hope we can at least alleviate the stress on athletic funding when situations like these come to play. Good luck to Glendale Heights (IL) and we hope Sports Image® can help pick up the pieces on a future sponsorship opportunity.


Sports Image® Teams Up With University of Northern Colorado

Sports Image® has teamed up with the University of Northern Colorado to raise some much needed revenue for local schools.  Through the University’s partnership with Aaron and Traci Tattersall of Sports Image® (CO), it has been able to set a game plan for raising funds-utilizing a variety of fund raising projects.  The floor signage below is one of the many sponsorship opportunities that Aaron and Traci have completed with the University of Northern Colorado and more projects are underway.


Buckingham High School (VA) Dedication Night

Buckingham High School, VA, recently held a dedication ceremony celebrating their brand new football scoreboard, compliments of Sports Image®.  Tom and Joe Carmichael (VA) were not only able to work with local sponsors to purchase the board, but they also presented the school with a check for $2,800!  This revenue will greatly help Buckingham’s athletic department gear up for up for future seasons.  Congratulations!


The Power of Teamwork

Here is a touching story on the power behind teamwork and true bond built on the field.  These teammates represent everything we hope to keep in sports with our work to amp up athletic programs.  We are truly proud of the display of selflessness that Michael Ferns showed his fellow teammate, Logan Thompson – both players for St. Clairsville, OH.



Aberdeen High School (MD) Receives Scoreboard From Sports Image

Aberdeen High School (MD) is the owner of a brand new football scorecard, compliments of Sports Image® and local supporting sponsors.  Thanks to Sue Taylor for her hard work and coordination with the school to get this project underway.  The scoreboard turned out great and we are excited for the school to enjoy their new equipment. We wish Aberdeen High School the best of luck.

Aberdeen High School's New Scoreboard


Sports Image Welcomes 21st Franchisee

We are thrilled to announce our newest franchisee, Joseph Bland, is officially on board the Sports Image® team.  This marks the 21st franchisee territory for Sports Image® and the 2nd franchise in the state of Colorado.  Joseph is eager to begin working with his local community in northeast Colorado to bring revenue and equipment in the hands of schools and organizations in need.  We are excited to welcome Joseph to the company and we forward to working with him!

Upper Arlington High School (OH) Receives Scoring Table

Upper Arlington High School, OH, is the new owner of an LED scoring table courtesy of Whalen Ng of Sports Image®.  The table looks great and the school is excited to display in their gym.  Thanks to the work of Whalen and local sponsors for getting this project underway.

New LED Scoring Table


Sports Image® Teams Up With Buckingham High School (VA)

Buckingham High School (VA) is excited to display their new LED scoreboard, courtesy of Sports Image®.  Thanks to Tom and Joe Carmichael for their work with local sponsors to raise funds for the new board.  Not only was the school awarded the new equipment, but they will be receiving a check for $2,800 to help pump up their athletic department.  Below are the before and after shots:

Scoreboard After

Scoreboard After


Scoreboard Before