Battle At The Hoops Was a Big Success

Congratulations to Tom and Joe Carmichael of Sports Image® for the success of Battle at the Hoops (VA).  The tournament was packed with talent and fans (3000+) last weekend and we were happy that Sports Image® could help bring it all together.  We can’t wait for next year’s tournament!


Battle At The Hoops Is Near!

Battle At The Hoops is around the corner and we are thrilled! Good luck to all the teams involved in the tournament and congratulations to Tom Carmichael (VA) for his collaboration with the event and Petersburg High School.  Here are some of the banners already up and ready for this Saturday, December 8th!

Battle At The Hoops (VA) Coming Together

Battle at the Hoops is quickly nearing and we are excited to reveal the latest tournament artwork!  Tom and Joe Carmichael of Sports Image® have teamed up with Petersburg High School (VA) to bring together the much anticipated basketball tournament that will take place at the school on December 8, 2012.  Local fans are avidly anticipating the talent and competition and we are happy to be part of such a wonderful display of athleticism.  Take a look at the unveiling of the event banner below!

Tom Carmichael and Petersburg High School Unveiling The Banner

Battle At The Hoops

Congratulations to Tom and Joe Carmichael for their most recent endeavor, Battle at the Hoops! The Virginia franchise owners have just signed on with Petersburg High School to organize a new 8-team basketball tournament with the school.  The tourney will take place in December 2012, and we can’t wait to see what it has in store.   The duo is also working to acquire scoreboards at zero cost to the school through the help of local sponsors.  Good luck Tom and Joe!

We will keep you updated as the tournament comes along.  For now, check out the logo: