Don’t Be A Helicopter Parent

5 out of 5 psychologists believe that it is better for parents to be involved with their children than to not be involved.  Actually, I made that statistic up, but I am pretty confident those stats are accurate. There is however, a line that parents should try not to cross in their children’s everyday lives and in their athletic careers. That line separates a parent from being a supportive role model or being known as a “Helicopter Parent”.

A Shout Out To All Those ADs Out Busting Their Butts!

As Ted Welch of York retires as athletic director, we look at the changing roles ADs are now playing.

There was a time when the high school athletic director was a coach (probably football or basketball), definitely a teacher. His or her duties, in addition to the classroom, might include setting up schedules, purchasing uniforms and equipment, and maybe lining the fields.,300&eid=61619403&bid=918567

Bullying By Coaches – What Crosses The Line?

Very interesting article about coaching styles and bullying in sports.  The clip in the article displays a disgusting reality of the treatment of players by coaches.  Links can be accessed below: