Wayne High School Receives Check for $5800

wayne-hsWe love helping our local schools earn revenue and our latest recipient, Wayne HS (OH), has just received a check for $5,800!  Congratulations to Wayne HS and we wish you a safe and prosperous athletic season!


Northmont HS (OH) Receiving Check For $2,850

Northmont logoWe are sending Northmont HS (OH) a check for $2,850 as part of the Community Outreach Program! This is one of the many schools across the nation that we have been able to support with our program, and we are looking forward to sending many more checks to Northmont in the future!


Sports Image Sends Harrisburg HS (IL) Check For $3,000!

We always love providing schools with revenue as part of our dedication to help organizations take the PAY out of PLAY!  We are excited to be sending a check for $3,000 to Harrisburg HS (IL) as part of our Community Outreach Program, with more shared payments down the line!