Latest Franchise Training Completed!

We have just completed our latest round of new franchise training here at the Sports Image® corporate office with our newest franchisees:  Blake Martin (AL), Mark Williams (WI) and Darren Kempf (FL).  These guys are ready to get out in the field and do what we do best at Sports Image® – helping schools and organizations in their communities.  Game on!

Training July 2013

Sports Image® Welcomes New Franchise in Florida

Dayton, OH – July 2013 – Sports Image®, a leader in the high school and youth sports marketing industry, has just awarded another Florida Sports Marketing Franchise to Mr. Darren Kempf in the St. Petersburg area.  Sports Image® now has “local ownership” in 13 different states in just its first three years of franchising to help schools and organizations.

“Ever since graduating from Penn State University in 2010, I knew I wanted to take my career into the realm of sports marketing,” said Mr. Kempf. “It’s undoubtedly taken some time to find out what exactly that might consist of, but after learning about Sports Image®, I haven’t looked back.”

Since 2002, Sports Image® has helped schools and organizations obtain state-of-the-art equipment and much needed revenue for their athletic programs as budgets continue to dry up nationwide. The program has zero cost to the schools and organizations. Through Sports Image’s 5 different revenue opportunities and by leveraging existing relationships, they have given over $1,000,000 in cash and over $11,000,000 in equipment to schools and organizations throughout the United States and in Canada.

“We are very excited to have Darren on our team,” stated Eric Horstman, President of Sports Image®. “His evident enthusiasm and passion make for a great fit with Sports Image® and our mission to help schools and other grassroots organizations.”

“Sports Image® is the first national franchise to market through youth sports.  We’ve been helping schools, clubs, community Parks and Recs and other youth organizations offset budget constraints for over 10 years. In July 2009 we franchised our organization to put vested business owners on the ground floor in local markets across the country,” said Mr. Horstman.  “We now have many franchisees across the nation helping individual schools and organizations achieve their goals.”

Mr. Kempf adds,  “There are many throughout Tampa Bay that can benefit from partnering with Sports Image®.  My intention is to show everyone that I’m here to help and plan to for the long haul.”

Sports Image Welcomes Newest Franchise In Florida

Sports Image® is thrilled to announce our latest franchise in the state of Florida!  We proudly welcome Darren Kempf of St. Petersburg to the team, our third franchisee of the state.  Darren is eager to start working the principles of Sports Image® to raise funding in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area.  Welcome Darren!