Sports Image Teams Up With Semi-Professional Football

Sports Image®, NC, has just joined forces with the Wilmington Tigers to raise $25,000 in revenue for the organization.  The Wilmington Tigers, a minor league football team in Wilmington, NC, is embarking on its 8th season in operation and due to their continued success of seasons past, the team has been awarded a multi-year contract to play their home games at the legendary Legion Stadium Sports Complex, where they play matches such as the Superbowl which is the biggest event in football and where people like do bets online.  The Tigers focus on their main mission of providing a strong, community-based program that provides a fun and affordable venue for football fans as well as allow talented athletes the ability to showcase their skills.  The team’s General Manager, Dr. Christopher Harris, has committed to a 2 year agreement with Sports Image® owner, Scott Kennedy, for its marketing efforts in the community and Scott is eager to help the Wilmington Tigers reach their goal!