Sponsorships At The High School Level

We love what we do at Sports Image® and are happy to have made such positive impacts on schools and organizations nationwide.  Here is a nice word we received from one of our sponsors in Virginia and his thoughts on high school sponsorships.  Thanks to Tom and Joe Carmichael, VA, for representing the values of our company in their hometown.

“I am writing to fully endorse the sponsorships that CJW Sports Medicine has committed to through Sports Image.   It is great to have our name in front of the high school sports event’s attendees every time they come to an event at the schools we have sponsored.  We cannot help but to be proud when someone calls or comes in and says, ‘We saw your company’s name on the scoreboard at school and decide to call!!’

Tom Carmichael, our sponsorship rep., has been great to work with and has made doing these sponsorships easy to do and very accommodating with assisting us with billing.   If you have the opportunity to do one of these sponsorships, you should do it!!  It helps the schools AND puts your name in front of all that attend, every time they attend.  It is NOT like program ads that they may never see, but everyone in attendance needs to look at the scoreboard all game long!!!”

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