Sports Image® Awards 16th Franchise in Ohio

Dayton, OH – November 2011– Sports Image®, a leader in the high school and youth sports marketing industry,  has just awarded their 16th Sports Marketing Franchise
to Mr. Whalen Ng of Columbus, OH.  This is the third franchise awarded in the state of Ohio. Mr. Ng joins fifteen other existing franchises in ten different states awarded by Sports Image® in just its first two-and-a-half years of franchising.

“As a longtime resident of Central Ohio, I have seen school districts, counties, and cities struggle with the challenges of operating with ever-dwindling budgets.  The recent failures of several high-profile school district tax levies will have immediate and long-lasting effects on the schools and communities.  As a Sports Image® franchisee, I have a unique opportunity to provide school districts the funding for their sports and extracurricular programs.  These programs are essential for the enrichment of K-12 students,” stated Mr. Ng.

Since 2002, Sports Image® has helped schools and organizations obtain state-of-the-art equipment and much needed revenue for their athletic programs as budgets continue to dry up nationwide. The program has zero cost to the schools and organizations. Through its’ unique, grassroots sports marketing approach and by leveraging existing relationships, Sports Image® has given over $850,000 in cash and over $10,000,000 in equipment to schools and organizations throughout the United States and in Canada.

“Whalen is going to be a great addition to our growing Sports Image® franchise network,” said Mr. Eric Horstman, President of Sports Image®. “His former business experience coupled with a love of sports and a passion for helping out communities is the perfect combination for this endeavor.”

Mr. Ng adds: “This franchise opportunity also allows me to connect businesses with their target audience using non-traditional advertising — which is more cost effective than traditional media such as TV, radio, and newspaper.  I am looking forward to this great opportunity to serve my community, as well as living the dream as a small business owner.”

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