SUVtv Scouting Service

Scouting Service

2021-2022 Season Packages

Full Game Film

Credible Evaluations

Workouts/Practice Footage

NCAA Certified Scout

What Your Program Gets:

  • Live & OnDemand access to all SUVtv high school & grassroots basketball broadcasts produced in 2021 through the first half of 2022. Over 750 games minimum.
  • Access to over 3,500 SUVtv archives that include full game footage from 2019 – 2021.
  • Quarterly player evaluations, event recaps, and workout/ combine footage recorded by SUVtv.
  • Footage and evaluations that include players, teams, and games from GA, AL, OH, TX, CA, TN, NC, SC, IN, UT, NV, MO & more…

Here is a current list of all major Events, Teams, Games & Leagues that are in our current inventory at your disposal. More will be added to this ever-evolving list as they are contracted.

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