Equipment and Revenue Projects

Equipment is expensive and we know that schools and organizations struggle to attain the goods and revenue their athletes and departments require. Make your life better with no wagering bingo sites. As funding for programs continues to tighten, we see the need to work with schools and organizations grow.

Our goal at Sports Image® is to partner with the community to fulfill these needs.

Utilizing our sports marketing model, we coordinate with businesses from the local to corporate level in order to gather the funding for the equipment/revenue for your school or organization.
We do all this at ZERO cost to you.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Sports Image® has over 10 years of experience helping schools and organizations raise these funds for anything from a score table to a large-scale scoreboard to simply a check for the athletic department. The strategy we use is 3-fold.

Here’s a recap of how we bring you the equipment or revenue without you spending a dime:

Phase I – Analyzing Needs

  1. Our team sits with you to evaluate your revenue and/or equipment needs
  2. Sports Image ® puts together an agreed-upon game plan to accomplish the goals defined

Phase II – Execute the Plan

  1. Sports Image ® hits the field and secures all necessary sponsorships to achieve your objectives
  2. We continue to advise your organization on project progress and take care of all the administrative “behind the scenes stuff”

Phase III – Enjoy the Results

  1. The equipment is ordered and delivered to your organization and any revenue checks (if applicable) are issued to you. If you are in need of strictly revenue, we will present you with your check
  2. You proudly display your brand new equipment and spend any revenue to fulfill those initial objectives
  3. Sports Image ® will continue to manage the current sponsors and renew these opportunities when their contracts expire for recurring revenue for your school/org
  4. Repeat steps as new projects or needs are identified – you are not limited to the number of projects we can help with
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Success Stories & Testimonials

  • "Sports image has given me the opportunity to live the American dream of having my own business. I'm able to help so many schools and organizations who are faced with budget cuts and in need of new equipment and revenue. Sports image has an excellent business plan and all I have to do is go out and implement it every day. It's truly a win win. It's been very rewarding and I enjoy providing a service which is so needed today."
    - Tom Carmichael (VA)
  • "Sports Image® is as advertised. They did what they said they would do and Ryle HS has benefitted from our continued partnership as a result."
    - Jim Demler, Athletic Director (Ryle HS)
  • "Katie's (Sports Image® Franchisee) energy and entrepreneurial spirit were the key factors in making this the most successful sponsorship/fundraising year in the history of our league! Sports Image® is genuinely interested in assisting non-profit youth sports while also delivering great value and exposure for their sponsors."
    – Dave Pierpont, President (Fairfield American Little League)
  • "Sports Image® helped Buckingham County High School fulfill a much-needed want in a new scoreboard. We, like other small school systems, couldn't afford to purchase one. Sports Image® did an outstanding job in securing sponsors and met a deadline that was almost impossible. I plan to use them again for other things that we plan to do."
    – Ed Dike, Activities Director (Buckingham HS)
  • "I want to thank you again for all of your efforts in putting together a FIRST CLASS EVENT! You and your staff once again out-did yourselves. On behalf of everyone at Franklin, words cannot describe how appreciative we are to be a part of the Sports Image® / Good Sam Flyin' to the Hoop! Thanks again for the opportunity and congratulations on an outstanding weekend!"
    – Rodney Roberts, Athletic Director (Franklin HS)
  • "Sports Image® has allowed us the opportunity to have a strong presence in several local schools while making the process incredibly easy & turnkey."
    - Rachel Robinson, Marketing Director (Parker Adventist Hospital)
  • "You probably expected this, but I didn't. Our ticket-back coupon through Sports Image® has been redeemed at all Dayton (OH) stores, Cincinnati, Lexington, Fort Wayne, Columbus, etc. I figured it would be limited to Cincy/Dayton but we are seeing them come back in other markets as well. Thanks again!"
    – Tom Osborn, Sr. Marketing Manager (Dick's Sporting Goods)
  • "It is great to have our name in front of the high school sports event's attendees every time they come to an event at the schools we have sponsored."
    – Hunter Durvin, Med (CJW Sports Medicine)
  • "As always, Sports Image® hosted another AWESOME Flyin' to the Hoop Event. We appreciate and enjoy being a sponsor and a part of the weekend and hope that we did a great job for all your VIP guests!"
    – April Baker, Regional Manager (Fricker's USA)
  • "Initially, Sports Image® promised me 4 sponsors through their program to generate revenue for Harrisburg High School.  Well, they got us 6 instead!  With really no effort by our school, we will be getting revenue to help our athletic program.  The support is greatly appreciated – from the participating businesses and from Sports Image®.  I’m looking forward to the continued partnerships and the yearly revenue stream to help our school!"
    – Greg Langley, Harrisburg HS (IL) Athletic Director
  • "It has been a positive experience working with Sports Image. The floor sponsorship’s will provide our programs with a source of revenue that was not previously utilized. Sports Image moved quickly on the project giving sponsors a unique product to show their support of Carroll High School."
    – Scott Molfenter, Carroll HS (OH) Athletic Director
  • "Roberson Law has been advertising with local schools through the sports programs for many years and have received tremendous results from our sponsorships.  We like the partnership because it not only gives our firm publicity, but it also benefits the school sports programs in our community."
    – Amy Cary, Business Manager