Bill Would Allow Prep Transfers, May Replace FHSAA

Proposed legislation working its way through the Florida House of Representatives could eventually lead to high school athletes transferring virtually at will, and it would create a new governing body for high school athletics.

On Thursday, the House Education Committee is scheduled to hear the Extracurricular Activities Bill. Under the proposed bill, students would be eligible to play sports at schools outside their designated zone and school district if enrolled by the start of practice for their sport.,100&eid=61619403&bid=1036417

Matt Elam Working Sales At Mall

Many NFL players will go to malls this offseason. Matt Elam is working in one.

Elam, a first-round pick by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 draft, is spending his offseason as a part-time sales associate at a Finish Line store in Gainesville, Fla., before he returns to the team in April. He says he works about 20 hours per week, helping customers with shoes and occasionally stocking shelves.


Another Successful Training Session

We just finished another successful training session for our newest franchisees, Mark Line and Alvin Hill!  Mark and Alvin are ready to take on the fundamentals they picked up last week at our office and dive into the Sports Image® model-helping local schools and organizations in need.  Good luck!

Group Training Photo 2

Left: Mark Line
Right: Alvin Hill


Latest Franchise Training Completed!

We have just completed our latest round of new franchise training here at the Sports Image® corporate office with our newest franchisees:  Blake Martin (AL), Mark Williams (WI) and Darren Kempf (FL).  These guys are ready to get out in the field and do what we do best at Sports Image® – helping schools and organizations in their communities.  Game on!

Training July 2013

Sports Image® Welcomes New Franchise in Florida

Dayton, OH – July 2013 – Sports Image®, a leader in the high school and youth sports marketing industry, has just awarded another Florida Sports Marketing Franchise to Mr. Darren Kempf in the St. Petersburg area.  Sports Image® now has “local ownership” in 13 different states in just its first three years of franchising to help schools and organizations.

“Ever since graduating from Penn State University in 2010, I knew I wanted to take my career into the realm of sports marketing,” said Mr. Kempf. “It’s undoubtedly taken some time to find out what exactly that might consist of, but after learning about Sports Image®, I haven’t looked back.”

Since 2002, Sports Image® has helped schools and organizations obtain state-of-the-art equipment and much needed revenue for their athletic programs as budgets continue to dry up nationwide. The program has zero cost to the schools and organizations. Through Sports Image’s 5 different revenue opportunities and by leveraging existing relationships, they have given over $1,000,000 in cash and over $11,000,000 in equipment to schools and organizations throughout the United States and in Canada.

“We are very excited to have Darren on our team,” stated Eric Horstman, President of Sports Image®. “His evident enthusiasm and passion make for a great fit with Sports Image® and our mission to help schools and other grassroots organizations.”

“Sports Image® is the first national franchise to market through youth sports.  We’ve been helping schools, clubs, community Parks and Recs and other youth organizations offset budget constraints for over 10 years. In July 2009 we franchised our organization to put vested business owners on the ground floor in local markets across the country,” said Mr. Horstman.  “We now have many franchisees across the nation helping individual schools and organizations achieve their goals.”

Mr. Kempf adds,  “There are many throughout Tampa Bay that can benefit from partnering with Sports Image®.  My intention is to show everyone that I’m here to help and plan to for the long haul.”

Sports Image Welcomes Newest Franchise In Florida

Sports Image® is thrilled to announce our latest franchise in the state of Florida!  We proudly welcome Darren Kempf of St. Petersburg to the team, our third franchisee of the state.  Darren is eager to start working the principles of Sports Image® to raise funding in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area.  Welcome Darren!

Florida Bill Passes For High School Sports

This article is pretty significant for FL schools.  We wonder if it will have any trickle effect into other states as well.


Palm Beach County Schools (FL) Losing Equipment To Nature

Interesting article on Palm Beach County Schools (FL) and their constant loss of balls to nearby canal and groves.  As foul balls are washed far away, the schools continue to lose over $1,000 a year in product.  This is another reason why we strive to help provide revenue and equipment to schools and organizations in need.  As funding is tight, we help to alleviate the stress on athletic budgets.



Florida’s First Female High School Quarterback

Here is a heart-warming clip about Florida’s first female high school quarterback that we know you will enjoy.  We wish Erin the best of luck this football season and hope she can take her team to new heights.  Making sports programs available to a farther reach is exactly what we hope to do here at Sports Image® and we are excited to watch Erin take her mark as the first female quarterback at the high school level.


St. Petersburg High School Teams Up With Maaco for Car Wash

St.Petersburg, FL– The St. Petersburg High School Green Devils are raising some much needed funds by partnering up with St. Pete Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting for a car wash on Saturday, October 29th from 8 a.m -1 p.m.

The car wash will take place in the parking lot of the local brand new Maaco at 2500 34th St N St. Pete, FL 33713.

The Green Devils will be able to keep all the money raised from each car wash. Additionally, Steve Menth, owner of the St. Pete Maaco, will also donate 10 percent of all services estimated or appointed during the event.

Speaking of which, if one is interested in finding out more details on cars, like know the difference between the Honda Shuttle Hybrid vs Petrol, the given link must be followed.

Maaco recently partnered with Quick-y-Clean Car Detailing and Sports Image at select shops throughout the country to help raise revenue for local high schools. Bill Wood, owner of Sports Image Florida has worked with Steve Menth, owner of St. Pete Maaco, and Krsitie Delk, coach of St. Pete High School Green Devils Softball to coordinate this exciting event.

Please come out and show your support for this important project.