Garden City High School (MI) Receives Check from Sports Image®

Sports Image® is happy to provide Garden City High School (MI) with a check for $500.  We love helping schools and organizations across the nation get revenue and equipment while taking the PAY out of PLAY.



Colored Field Turfs – What Do You Think?

Do you think this will be a trend for other fields?

Eaton Rapids High School (MI) Scores Revenue

Congratulations to Eaton Rapids High School, MI, our latest recipient of a check for $1,250.  We love to help schools raise the revenue they need to fuel their athletic programs and keep kids involved.  We wish them the best!

Eaton Rapids HS (MI) Earns Revenue

Congratulations to Eaton Rapids High School (MI), as they are the proud recipient of a revenue-sharing check from Sports Image.  The school has just been sent a check close to $2,000 to help boost their athletic department.  Best of luck to the school!

Eaton Rapids HS (MI) Receives Check

Eaton Rapids High School (MI) has recently been awarded a check for $2,000 as part of our revenue sharing program at Sports Image®.  More revenue is headed their way in 2013 and we are proud to be able to help the school raise the funding they need.  Congratulations!

Feel Good High School Story

We came across this article and thought it was a great example of what we try to accomplish here at Sports Image® in taking the pay out of play.


Greenville High School Enjoying A New Scoreboard

Greenville High School, MI, is the proud recipient of a new scoreboard courtesy of Sports Image®.  With the help of our Michigan-based Project Manager, John Watson, local businesses were brought together with the school to provide sponsorships for  the purchase of the board.  We wish Greenville the best of luck with their new equipment and hope it serves them well in their upcoming season.








Freeland High School Revenue Check

Sports Image® is happy to announce that they will be sending a check for $1,500 to Freeland High School, MI.  We are thrilled to have helped Freeland High School’s atheltic department not only receive a new scoreboard, but get some much needed revenue to boost their athletic program.  Good luck Freeland High School!

Clio High School Receives Revenue From Sports Image

Sports Image® just issued a check for $2,138 to Clio High School, MI, as part of its revenue sharing program.  The school also received a new scrolling table on behalf of Sports Image® and local sponsors who worked together to bring the equipment to the school at no cost to them.  Congratulations Clio High School!

Sports Image Sends Check To Greenville High School

Keeping in true fashion to the principles of helping school programs across the United States, Sports Image® sent Greenville High School, MI a check for $1,120.  This check was a result of the revenue sharing program that Sports Image® offers for renewals of sponsorships on athletic equipment purchased by Sports Image®.  The school not only received the new equipment, but also received money to be used for their athletic program, with more checks on the way.  Congratulations Greenville High School!