Sports Image Hosts Jennings Beach 5K Race

Sports Image® Connecticut is proud to have recently completed their 2nd annual Jennings Beach 5 K Race!  This year, Katie Klein was able to host the event with 2 schools, Ludlowe and Wardle High Schools (CT), signing up over 180 runners!  Working closely with Sports Image®, the kids were able to raise over $8,000 for their athletic programs!  Next Spring, Katie plans to continue to expand the number of schools involved, and we are looking forward to another great race. Although the sun was pretty intense we had the best vitamin c serum amazon for the runners to protect their skin.





Warde High School (CT) Welcomes New Scoring Table

Warde High School (CT) is the proud owner of a new scoring table compliments of Sports Image®.  Thanks to Katie Klein for her hard work in getting the school the equipment at ZERO cost to them.  They can’t wait to start enjoying their new table!

Sports Image Raises Funds For Fairfield Ludlowe High School (CT)

Thanks to Katie Klein of Sports Image® for her work with Fairfield Ludlowe High School (CT).  By contracting with local sponsors, Katie was able to arrange the placement of 3 A-Frame signs out on the school’s field for display in order to raise funds for its athletic department.  The signs look great and the school is thrilled for their much needed revenue, which will be used to pay for new camera and video equipment.  Check out one of the signs below.

Fairfield American Little League Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Opening Day Ceremony for the Fairfield American Little League recently took place at the newly renovated Gould Manor Park.  Thanks to Katie Klein of Sports Image® for all her hard work in getting the field ready for the season!  Check out this video below for a great look at the event:

New Big Score Deals for Fairfield Ludlowe Baseball!

Thanks to the collaboration between Sports Image and Fairfield Ludlowe Baseball, CT, a second round of Big Score deals are ready for release.  Check out the site below for amazing deals in the Fairfield area that will directly benefit the organization.  Congratulations to Katie Klein for securing these wonderful sponsors and best of luck to Fairlfield Ludlowe Baseball!

Fairfield American Little League Dedication Ceremony

The Fairfield American Little League was happy to reveal the newly renovated Gould Manor Park, a popular sports plex located in Fairfield, Connecticut, this past Sunday.  The renovation began last August and Sports Image® was quickly involved in the fund raising needs.  Thanks to the hard work of Katie Klein, Sports Image® was able to find sponsors to help fund the needed renovations for the field in a short period of time.  Check out the link below for an overview of the dedication ceremony.



Big Score Takes Off In Connecticut

Congratulations to Katie Klein of Fairfield, Connecticut, who has recently completed a second Big Score project for Fairfield Ludlowe Baseball.  With the support of local sponsors, Sports Image® Connecticut was able to secure new windscreens for upcoming games, while also giving local consumers some great deals at the supporting businesses.  Thank you to all those who helped get this project underway!

Big Score Event In Progress

Check out our very first Big Score site below.  Katie Klein, CT, has successfully partnered local businesses in her area with Fairfiled Ludlow Baseball.  Gift card sales are still taking place so make sure to visit the page for enticing deals that help young athletes stay in the game.  Thanks to all who support this great cause and enjoy your discounts!

Sports Image Makes a Difference

Sports Image® has been working with schools and organizations for years, helping combat the need for students to pay to play.  Take a look at this video for a great example of how a Sports Image® franchisee helped her local area generate revenue and equipment to offset the expensive costs of sports programs.

Fairfield American Little League Receives $19,905 Sponsor Check from Sports Image®!

Fairfield, Connecticut, October 21, 2011 – Fairfield American Little League (FALL) is the proud recipient of a $19,905 sponsor check, courtesy of Sports Image®.  Katie Klein, owner of Sports Image® Fairfield County presented the check this morning to Dave Pierpont, outgoing President of FALL at Gould Manor Park.  These sponsorship funds will be applied to the cost of the renovation of the fields at Gould Manor as FALL looks to improve the playing experience for their 900 participants.

“Katie’s energy and entrepreneurial spirit were key factors in 2011 being the most successful sponsorship/fundraising year in the history of Fairfield American Little League.  Katie is genuinely interested in assisting non-profit youth sports organizations hile also delivering great value and exposure on behalf of her sponsors,” said Dave Perpont.

Way to go Katie!

Katie Klein Presenting the $19,905 Check