Sports Image Honored at JR Tucker Dedication Ceremony

We are happy to share this video mentioning our very own Sports Image franchisee, Glenn Harper.  Thanks to his hard work in securing a brand few football scoreboard for JR Tucker High School (VA), Glenn was recently honored in a dedication ceremony for the school along with some of the proud sponsors.  Both Glenn and the scoreboard can be seen in the first couple minutes of the clip:


Stafford High School Ceremony Honors Sports Image

Glenn Harper of Sports Image (VA) was honored in a special ceremony at Stafford High School this past Friday.  Glenn has been recognized for his hard work in providing scoreboards for a number of Fredericksburg-area high schools, including a new football scoreboard for Stafford High School this past month.  Thanks to all the sponsors who worked closely with Glenn to help so many organizations in the area get the equipment they need.  Great work Glenn!


Manchester High School (VA) Unveils New Press Box

Manchester High School (VA) proudly unveiled the latest additions to their football press box last week.  The school has had a great relationship with Tom and Joe Carmichael, our Virginia-based franchise duo, who have worked closely with local sponsors to bring in revenue dollars for the school’s athletic program through the box signage.  The two also recently worked with the school to provide a scoreboard at ZERO cost as well.  We look forward to working with the Manchester High School in the future and wish them the best of luck!

Manchester High School Press Box Resized

J R Tucker High School’s (VA) New Football Scoreboard

J R Tucker High School (VA) is excited to display their newest football scoreboard, compliments of Sports Image®.  The school contacted Glenn Harper to raise the much needed revenue for the equipment, and Glenn quickly got to work with local sponsors to make it happen and is great similar that are used in other big games such as in the forthcoming Celtic matches you can see online.  The result is a great looking piece of equipment provided to the school at ZERO cost.  We wish J R Tucker a wonderful season!

JR Tucker

Sports Image Teams Up With Richmond Christian (VA) For Naming Rights

Sports Image® has teamed up with Richmond Christian School (VA) in an effort to raise over $25,000 toward a new football program, aimed to launch in 2014.  Tom Carmichael of Sports Image® is working hard to find a sponsor to own the naming rights to the school’s program as well as provide a number of advertisement opportunities at the school.  We can’t wait to see the program come together and watch Richmond Christian embark on a football season!   Take a look at the article below and we will keep you posted.

Stafford High School (VA) Earns Scoreboard

Congratulations to Stafford High School (VA) on their brand new football scoreboard, compliments of Sports Image®.  Thanks to Glenn Harper for his work with local sponsors to secure the board at ZERO cost to the school.  The equipment looks great and is ready to proudly display during this football season!


Central High School Scoreboard

Buckingham County High School (VA) Earns Scoreboard

Buckingham County High School (VA) is happy to celebrate their brand new scoreboard, courtesy of Sports Image®!  Thanks to franchisees Tom and Joe Carmichael of Virginia for their hard work in presenting the equipment to the school at ZERO cost to them.  The board looks wonderful and the school is excited to put it to work.


Battle At The Hoops Was a Big Success

Congratulations to Tom and Joe Carmichael of Sports Image® for the success of Battle at the Hoops (VA).  The tournament was packed with talent and fans (3000+) last weekend and we were happy that Sports Image® could help bring it all together.  We can’t wait for next year’s tournament!


Battle At The Hoops Is Near!

Battle At The Hoops is around the corner and we are thrilled! Good luck to all the teams involved in the tournament and congratulations to Tom Carmichael (VA) for his collaboration with the event and Petersburg High School.  Here are some of the banners already up and ready for this Saturday, December 8th!

Manchester High School (VA) Welcomes New Scoreboard

Manchester High School (VA) is thankful for their new scoreboard provided by Sports Image®.  The school needed the equipment in a hurry and contacted our very own, Tom Carmichael, who quickly raised the funding for the board in time for the season.  The bottom row has already been filled with new sponsorships!