Pennsville HS (NJ) Receives $6,000 Check From Sports Image®

We are proud to present Pennsville High School (NJ) with a $6,000 check toward their athletic program.  More revenue sharing is on the way for the school and we are eager to continue taking the PAY out of PLAY for Pennsville!


Sports Image Begins Second Campaign With Office Of Highway Safety

Sports Image® is thrilled to announce that they are beginning their second campaign with the  Kentucky Office of Highway Safety as a sponsor for various schools in the area.  Mac and Julia Yocum, KY, are thankful for the generosity of the Office of Highway Safety and they are excited to help local schools strengthen their athletic programs and generate the revenue they need.  Good luck to you in Kentucky and thanks for the support from our sponsor!

Sports Image® Sends Over $3,000 to Ohio Schools

Sports Image® gave two lucky schools in Ohio something to truly be thankful for this past Thanksgiving Day weekend.  As part of the company’s revenue sharing program, Sports Image® sent Northwest High School and Newark High School checks valuing over $3,000 to benfit their athletic prorgrams.  Sports Image® continues to stay true to their promise of helping local organizations keep their athletic departments strong and are happy they could be a part of this success.  Congratulations to these schools and thanks to all the sponsors involved.  We wish everyone the best of the luck!