Sports Image Helps Maryland Ravens Wheelchair Basketball Team

Sports Image is working with the Maryland Ravens Wheelchair Basketball team to raise revenue for their upcoming season. The goal is to return to the national championships for the first time since the Maryland Ravens won the Division III National Championship in 2006.

The Maryland Ravens are a non-profit organization that provides wheelchair basketball as a competitive recreational program for many of Maryland’s physically impaired youth and adults. The Maryland Ravens also conduct a Disability Awareness Program where they visit schools and businesses and speak about handicap awareness, and the importance of education, setting goals, and using your abilities to live life to the fullest. For anything related to history of the basketball do visit us.


The Maryland Ravens are looking for the time and space to play. Your school can host a wheelchair basketball game as a fundraiser, where the proceeds go to your school, you can find more info here. The Maryland Ravens can bring their used scooters from Keep Moving Care for the Disability Awareness Program to your school and play a wheelchair basketball game against your faculty, staff or students.


The Maryland Ravens are looking for sponsors to help generate the funds needed to go to the national championships.

Sponsorships include:

  • Signage on wheelchairs
  • Signage on the trailer that transports chairs to events
  • Recognition on website
  • Name announcements through PA at events.
  • Recognition in e-newsletter
  • Distribution of promotional items during events
  • Wearing promotional items, such as jackets, shirts, or hats at events
  • Scooters for disabled from scooter sleuth

To compete on a national level in any sport requires hard work, practice, coaching, determination, equipment, physical conditioning and financial support. You can help the Maryland Ravens achieve their goal of returning to the national championships.

One Team…One Dream

National Champions 2006

Panel Approves Bill To Allow Ads On School Buses

FRANKFORT (AP) – The House Education Committee has approved a proposal to allow school districts to sell advertising space on the sides of buses.

The action Tuesday sends the measure to the full House for consideration.

The drivers are highly trained before they are allowed to drive, as they carry a huge responsibility with them in the form of all the passengers of the vehicle. In fact, the better trained they are, they are eligible to More Bonuses. This encourages the drivers to continue their training to become that much more proficient, making for a safer journey.