Thomas Dale High School Receiving $1,500

Staying true to its revenue sharing program, Sports Image® will be awarding Thomas Dale High School (VA) a check for $1,500 to be used toward their athletic department.  We wish Thomas Dale the best and thank the sponsors for working with us to reduce the costs of participating in athletics.

Troy High School Mailed Check From Sports Image

Troy High School, OH was just mailed a check for close to $500 from Sports Image® as part of its shared revenue program.  The school had previously received a new scrolling board thanks to local sponsors working together with Sports Image® in support of the school.  We wish Troy High School the best!

$1,000 Check Sent to Clio High School

Clio High School, MI just received a check for $1,000 on behalf of the Sports Image® revenue sharing program.  Thanks to the help of sponsors working with Sports Image®, the school was able to purchase a new scrolling table, with funds on the way for use in their athletic department.  We hope Clio High School enjoys the revenue!

Sports Image Sends Check To Greenville High School

Keeping in true fashion to the principles of helping school programs across the United States, Sports Image® sent Greenville High School, MI a check for $1,120.  This check was a result of the revenue sharing program that Sports Image® offers for renewals of sponsorships on athletic equipment purchased by Sports Image®.  The school not only received the new equipment, but also received money to be used for their athletic program, with more checks on the way.  Congratulations Greenville High School!